Neft is an open-source and fully community project.

Be a part of this community in following ways:

1. Report issues

Each bug or missed feature, please report by creating an issue.

2. Help

Be an active member on StackOverflow, Google Group or Gitter.

3. Teach

Improve API Reference or make Wiki more helpful by preparing a Pull Request with changed source code or proposed wiki document.

4. Show

Write examples and publish them on open-source license.

You can try to add them into official examples if you want to.

5. Code

Prepare a Pull Request with a code you want to add into the project.

You can fix a bug, add new native element, write an extension or even add support for a new platform!

It's a good practice to always create an issue with a bug/feature you are working on.

If you're changing Neft JavaScript code, remember to rebuild a bundle by typing npm run bundle -- --ios or whatever platform you want to test.