Neft allows to dynamically change properties like position or size.

It can be easily used to animate such properties but can be not efficient enough.

To speed up such operations, Neft provides Animators.



This animator animates any property which stores numbers.

Use it to animate position, size, rotation, scale and more.

Item {
    pointer.onClick: function () {

    NumberAnimation {
        id: xAnimator
        property: 'x'
        from: 0
        to: 1000

By default animators don't update the property during animation (it's much faster). To change this behaviour, switch the PropertyAnimation::updateProperty boolean.


Transition type automatically animate all updates on the given property.

Item {
    width: 205

    if (this.pointer.hover){
        x: 100

    Transition {
        when: > 200
        property: 'x'
        animation: NumberAnimation {
            startDelay: 500
            easing: 'OutSine'